Should You Let Your Child Post Pictures and Videos Online?

Should You Let Your Child Post Pictures and Videos Online?

Are you the parent of a child or a teenager who uses the internet, namely social networking websites like MySpace?  If you are, your child may be interested in posting pictures or videos of themselves online, if they haven’t already done so. Should you let them?

When it comes to determining if you should let your child post personal pictures and videos of themselves online, you, as the parent, should have the final say.  With that said, it is first important to examine the pros and cons of letting your child post these items online.  Pictures and videos are common on social networking websites, like MySpace and Facebook.

In all honesty, the only true pro or plus side to letting your child post videos or pictures of themselves online is because it is what your child wants to do.  Letting them post their pictures and videos online will likely make your child happy.  They can easily share videos and pictures with friends, as opposed to actually bringing them to school. 

As much as your child or teenager may want to post personal pictures or videos of themselves online, it is also important to know that there are many cons or downsides to doing so.  One of those is the wrong impression.  Say you have a teenager daughter who posts a picture of herself wearing a low-cut shirt online.  Even though no cleavage is showing, the picture can create the wrong impression.  Sexual online predators may think she is welcoming attention, and so forth.  You and your child need to know that not everyone interprets things the same way.

Speaking of the wrong impression, it is important to know that pictures and videos can easily fall into the wrong hands online.  If your child is using a social networking website, like MySpace, is their profile set to private?  If not, anyone with their own account can view their private and personal pictures and videos.  Your child may be interested posting pictures and videos to share with their friends, but that doesn’t meant that others can’t see them.  Unfortunately, those others can have impure intentions.
Another con or downside to letting your child post personal pictures and videos of themselves online is that they are easy to copy.  Yes, a picture or a video can be taken down, but did you know that it may already be too late?  People can easily copy and repost or copy and save videos and pictures that are posted online for whatever reason, including their own personal pleasure.

As you can see, there are a number of pros and cons to letting your child post pictures and videos of themselves online, namely on social networking websites.  As the parent, the decision is yours to make, but be sure to use your best judgment.  When it doubt, the best answer may be no.

If you do decide to let your child or teenager post personal pictures and videos of themselves online or if you already think that they do, be sure to check them.  Ask to see the photos yourself.  Make sure that your child is well covered in any photographs that they post.  As for videos, make sure they aren’t doing anything illegal, like stealing, or showing anything suggestive, even if it is simply meant as an inside joke among friends.


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