Tours and Tapings in California

Up Close and Personal with LA Tours and Tapings in California

Los Angeles is hugely popular with tourists as well as wannabe celebrities and of course movie stars and it is possible to get closer to the rich and famous if you know where to look.  It’s even possible to become one of the audience members at a live taping of one of your favorite shows if you know where to look.  Here’s a sample of what you could experience on your California vacation (note some of these require a little bit of planning before you leave home!).
1.      Catalina Adventure Tours
    When the glitz of the current movie scene gets too much, take a trip back in time to beautiful Catalina Island.  Here you’ll find a gentler pace to recharge your batteries whilst still keeping touch with Hollywood through the museums and exhibits that proclaim it’s place in movie history.

2.    NBC Studio Tour

    This tour lasts about 70 minutes but during that time you’ll get to see what happens behind the scenes in a TV studio.  If you’re lucky enough to be there on the right day at the right time, you may even get to see a show being taped.

3.    Warner Brother VIP Studio Tour

    This is a real gem for movie buffs as visitors are guided through back-lot streets, sound stages and even sets they’ll recognize from various productions. 

4.    Audiences Unlimited Inc

    If you’d like to see a TV show being taped live, this is the place to contact.  They’ll be able to give you info on what’s being taped when and where, and perhaps even supply you with tickets! 

5.    Check out Jay and the Tonight Show Team

    Get tickets to see Jay Leno and the Tonight Show live by writing to NBC and requesting tickets.  You should give them a choice of dates when you’re able to attend the show.  If you don’t book ahead, you may be able to get tickets at Universal Studios but this isn’t guaranteed.

If you are more into TV than movies, there’s still much to do in Los Angeles – from TV celebrity spotting to live tapings – perhaps even on the streets of the city so keep your eyes open, you never know what, or who, you’ll bump into!


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