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What Is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used for creating blueprints for buildings, bridges, machine parts and electrical circuits. This software is useful for architects, surveyors and engineers from all field. The six most common specialization areas where AutoCAD plays an important role are mechanical drafting, architectural drafting, civil drafting, electrical drafting, electronics drafting and aeronautical drafting.

1. How will our course help you?
2. How can you make your career after getting this course?
3. No matter you currently need this course or not.
4. No matter if you have not a good hold on theoretical knowledge of engineering principals.
5. What are we?

Question1. How will our course help you?
Answer- If you are an Engineer or Engineering student so your mostly work is depend upon engineering drawing for example: you are maniacal Engineer And your job profile has not design machine part in auto cad but make machine part as par drawing so you must know about reading drawing because if You know engineering drawing then you can create better machine part or you can find error easily and you can solve it yourself if it is a miner issue and if it is major one you should consult to related person to escape from Major loss.
Similarly if you are in the field of civil Engineering No matter what is your profile you can easily and better understand the design of project and creates the Best solution.
In the same if you are an electrical engineer so you can easily and better understand electrical circuit, wire fitting in the drawing and correct the error.

2. How can you make your career after getting this course?
Answer: After completing our course, your technical skills will be improved. You will find yourself more comfortable with your existing job. You interest will create in your job profile. As a result of that your boss will be impressed. You can get promotion and your reputation will be increased.

3. No matter you currently need this course or not.
Answer: We can understand that you don’t need this course write now as you are not a design engineer and having a good job. But when you switch to another company, they demand a good hold on engineering design software knowledge like auto cad. If you do not have learned from our course then what will happen? May be they can reject you or they select you on a lower package than that you deserve or they can hire another one because he has all quality like you and with that he knows engineering design software knowledge . If you need that job urgently, you cannot do this at that time. If you do this course now you will gain enough experience from it. If a creation or invention or a new technological machine design comes in your mind you can draw it with the help of auto cad. You can present it to your project manager or investor to work on it.

5. What are we?
Answer: Our trainer is a teacher as well as an auto cad designer. As he has more than 25 year industrial experience in auto cad. It is not introductory course but it does not mean that a person who doesn’t know anything cannot learn from it. It is comprehensive course. It means the trainer will cover everything from scratch. In it the course will three levels: 1.Introductory 2.Intermidiate 3.Advance.He shares his deep knowledge in these videos. His emphasis is on that knowledge which is required to complete real life project. On the basis of his practical experience, he told that learner can draw same design from various well as he emphasis on the specific command is most appropriate for the accuracy of design because it’s a engineering design not only a simple drawing.


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